This ordinary life

We look for beauty in the expected places; in rose gardens and art museums, fine restaurants and old churches.  And we find it there.  But we find it also, where we least seek it, where we are afraid it isn’t to be found it all.  We find beauty in the tangled “big hair” of our waking children and in the whiskery early morning kisses of our man.  We find it in the dying flowers in the vase on our counter – because surely it must almost be time for new flowers. 🙂  We find it in the bare branches of winter giving us the clarity of sight to prepare for the lush growing season ahead.

We find beauty in what we have not yet achieved because there is the joy of dreaming, the joy of discovering.  We find beauty in each small task accomplished, in each new hurdle surmounted.  Joy in the healthy food that makes us feel SO good.  Joy in the walk in the brisk cool sunshiny winter air.  Joy . . . and now I realize I am talking about joy instead of beauty. . . .

But that’s because where we find beauty (all those unexpected places) is where we find joy too.

Today, keep walking forward.  Hold your head up to smell the breeze.  Feel the sun sharply sting your eyes.  Beauty and joy await in all the quiet corners, the dark unexpected places of this ordinary life.