Bonus: ‘”Gotcha Day”

Looking out our hotel window I see a rectangle of Nanning, still loud with traffic at 5 am.  Skyscrapers loom all around me.  This is actually a huge city.  I feel so small, in my little window on the 20th floor, the cars and trucks on the highway nearby are mere specks.  I feel like one too.


More surreal still, somewhere out in this great city, another little speck lies in bed about to wake up.  Somehow, in this gigantic world, our little family of four in Redding, California, USA and her little self in Nanning, Guanxi, China are about to meet.  The chances of us ever connecting are mind boggling small – and yet here we are.


As Quinn said at dinner last night ‘tomorrow we will become Chinese!.” And somewhere in the back of the head my automatic grown-up response buzzed . . . . about genetics, and adoption and how we don’t really become Chinese, etc.  But then common sense took over and I realized.  Yes, this is why it feels like home here.  We are about to become Chinese. And JQ is about to become American.  This mixed-up crazy thing that is disrupted families and loss and grief and orphan care and home studies and child matching has all culminated to now . . .when we become Chinese and she becomes American and we become family.

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  1. as i read your posts and imagined your meeting with JQ today, i got this picture of heaven looking on….peering into it and i felt myself and heavens breath be taken away in a small gasp of awe… followed my love and joy. xoxo

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