Being one of THEM

This morning, on my facebook feed, I was called ignorant, stupid, misled, and conformist.

Oh, not me, of course. THOSE people. The large percentage of America that thought that Obama might be a better choice than Romney, and voted that way.

Apparently they are the people who are either too ignorant, too uneducated, or too ill-informed to have made a good choice in regards to the direction of this country.

Of course they MUST have been brainwashed by the media and the liberal left.

What a strange feeling to wake up and discover that I have become one of THOSE people. The ones that many people I know and love feel can be legitimately disregarded and disdained. Suddenly my community, once perceived as safe and steady, spins, as I realize so many of the people that I love do not even have simple respect for the views I hold dear and the people I find worthy of honor.

Disagreement is to be both expected and welcomed in a world of diversity and choices. Dishonor for those who are different is what has shaken my heart.

Yes, I voted for Obama. It is surprising and telling how difficult it is to write those four words. It is difficult because I am afraid of your judgment. I am afraid that you will no longer listen to my voice or really hear my opinions. I believe that it is possible, with a vote, to write myself out of your “good book”, the one that categorizes those you respect from those you don’t. I know you most likely will not seek to understand because I will become one of THOSE people, the ones you may only talk about, not to.

But do we not realize that this is the very reason people are voting for a president that many of you want to see gone? Many people are tired of being THOSE people. They are tired of being told that their views are wrong because you do not share them. They are tired of having Republicans and Christians say they hold the rights to absolute truth in every area – to the moral high ground. They are tired of having their behavior legislated while their hearts remain broken. They are tired of being told to do the right thing when their spirits swing loose because of hate and loss and lack of opportunities.

People without a secure identity can only choose morality out of fear. Our job in this world is not to legislate behavior but to touch hearts with the Love that is transformative. God is not looking for law-keepers but for lovers.

So it is with quiet strength that I inform you. I am one of THOSE people. The ones who consciously, deliberately and thoughtfully chose differently than you did. I am the same person I was the day-before-yesterday. The one you called wise, the one who sees deeply and truly into so many issues (though surely not all!) I can not tell you that I chose correctly. Perhaps I did not; eternity will inform us. I can only tell you that as part of this great American team, I supported you by voting for a man I thought was a better choice for the future of Americans and our world.

And I hope you will love me without condescension anyway. Because being one of THEM is not nearly as fun as expanding the definition of US.

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  1. Well-written. Thanks for sharing. I have been speechless at those type of comments. And for myself, you can add “not really a Christian” to that list 🙁 I’ve been working on my own post about this as well but just can’t quite find the words to say. But I agree and it’s really sad.

    It’s so frustrating because I hold a lot of the same values as the republicans who are saying such horrible things about me. I just see a different way to achieve those goals. (ex. history shows that abortion rates drop more consistently under a democratic president). And I see the situation as being much less black and white. Not because the issues aren’t black and white, but because there are so many of them…and I find that I can’t possibly “vote the Bible” when each side both embodies and rejects different aspects of it. So you have to consider all the issues and all sides of the issues. But I’m finding more and more that the plea for love and respect falls on deaf ears. I have been incredibly saddened by this whole election in ways I haven’t personally experienced before, and late last night and this morning just served to show me that it’s getting worse before it’s getting better.

    • and I find that I can’t possibly “vote the Bible” when each side both embodies and rejects different aspects of it

      This is EXACTLY how I feel . . . . your voice is needed. Thanks for your courage and your heart. A blessing to know you!!

  2. > God is not looking for law-keepers but for lovers
    …But of course, if we are lovers of God (and others), we become law-keepers. God wants us first to love, and then to follow in his law (it’s sort of a given that if we love someone we want to do what they want). The issue (as you said) is that forcing law without having love is rather pointless.

    I didn’t like either of the two party candidates this election and voted for neither. I was squarely condemned by many since apparently by voting for a 3rd party, I want to kill babies. Because voting for a person that you believe represents you is apparently not what you’re supposed to do anymore in America. I think “they” (the collective conservative right) are a little confused. It’s not a good day when we have a law that outlaws abortion, it’s a good day when the hearts and minds of people in this country don’t WANT to have abortions.

    Most of my complaints with Mr. Obama have to do with (as I see it) a confused understanding of economics. I don’t believe the left’s welfare plans are good in the sense that they’re very effective. But if the right wants to bash the government helping the poor and needy, they need to step up in their communities (churches, non-profits, etc.) and fill that gap. It’s clear we need to help the poor, I just think that Mr. Obama (and the left in general) goes about it the wrong way. I dislike the big government approach (in most other areas) of both the Republicans and Democrats and hardly see anything different between the two.

    I’m tired of demonizing political opponents (regardless of how bad you think their policies are). Fear God, honor the [President]. God put him there.

    Republocrat by Carl Trueman is a great book that sort of touches in all this stuff — if you want a copy, I can mail you one.

    • Thanks Andrew! David just got a copy of that book so we’ll see how he likes it! I too do not agree with all Mr. Obama’s policies. I totally agree with you on the abortion thing. Thanks for honoring my perspective! 🙂

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