All you need is love . . . and lots of topical cream medications.

It’s a parasite, he said. Full body cream treatment on everybody, he said.  No big deal, he said.  Wash everything in your house, he said.

Turns out that little rash we were looking into? It’s a highly contagious skin parasite that Quinn picked up in China.   Now we’re all itching but only because we know we COULD have tiny bugs burrowing under our skin.

I think God must know I’m a lot stronger than I think I am.  Because this was definitely NOT in the plans for this week.

Meanwhile, today we decided on a school placement for Jing Yun with his student study team all weighing in on his needs.  Today we procrastinated on letting Ava know what that placement will be and how it will effect her.  Today David worked a mandatory 13 hours and it was much too much.  Today we played too many cell phone games at too many long meetings/appointments,  Today was entirely too much stress for everyone.  Today I took lots of deep breaths.  Today four friends stopped by to bring gifts, care packages and cheer. Today we had the loveliest of evenings in the cool, dim chill of the evening.

Today I walked past my orange gladiolas Susan gave me probably 100 times, and every time I recognized that they are my own personal burning bush. Their glory awes me and reminds me that He is RIGHT HERE.

Today Jing Yun laughed and whined, complained and fought me, ate and ate and ate, and didn’t get tired, and wanted more tech time than he got, and showed off his skills on the trampoline.  Today Jing Yun was a part of a beautiful, brilliant, tired, loving, overwhelmed and happy family.

Today love won, again.

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