Tonight Naomi and I started off my Birthday Weekend with STYLE! We went to our very first fashion show!

I would not be mistaken by anybody for a diva or fashionista, but I actually love design. I have a notebook full of sketches I made when in college, and i still go back for a look and find them beautiful! The fashion industry is so creative and unique; not anything like the trendy all-the-same clothing you find in the malls. When I have a little more time and access I would love to put together more unique outfits for myself. I love the idea of using thrift store finds collected creatively and paired beautifully to make a whole new look.

Naomi CLEARLY has fashion in her heart and her blood. The girl has been creatively, artistically and beautifully dressing herself since the age of 18 months . . . and she continually gets comments and admiration on her amazing choices. She is not known for matching or for being perfectly in style. Instead she is known for her creative ideas that actually work beautifully. I think this is just what it takes to be a designer.

Tonight, for example, she paired up a gorgeous big fluffy coral dress with a huge organza flower on the front, with a little plum half-sleeve sweater. She buttoned one button leaving the flower peeping out and added golden sandals. GORGEOUS!

Adoria designs was started by a student at the school of ministry where we attend. It is now an international fashion house with many designers and committed to ethical practices ( a rarity in fashion, obviously.) The show tonight was designed to showcase the design talents of the ministry students who took the creative arts track with a focus in fashion. They did an INCREDIBLE job. The show was so professionally done and the fashions were over-the-top elegant and fun: ranging from evening gown swank to beach town casual. The whole show was wrapped in a beautiful purity and simplicity.

Cross another dream off the dream list!

Tonight was an investment in my daughter’s heart, life and destiny. i got her to promise she’d design free for me so I too can be a fashionista some day.

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