A new Christmas tradition

Favorite Christmas Catalogs

It’s the time of year for catalogs and every day brings two or three thick glossy tomes of splashy colorful gifts that remind me of how little I have, how much I need.  After three years back in America the catalogs have finally caught up with us again and I miss the quiet mailbox.  I miss not knowing my own inadequacy in the face of retail marketing.

So it’s a daily chore, the recycling of the catalogs, and I wouldn’t have believed you if you told me I’d be calling companies to order new ones but inspired by this woman’s post , I did.  Two weeks ago I spent fifteen minutes on the phone giving out my address and a few days later these bright beauties showed up on my counter.

World Giving catalogs from World Vision, Compassion International, Samaritan’s Purse and a few others.

And they’re giving us the BEST Christmas fun.

We’ve told the kids we are giving them money to spend on their catalog shopping.  The best part?  Everything you order is something to be given away. . . . Cows, sheep, ducks, mosquito nets, education, medicine. These catalogs offer us the chance to give gifts to the world.  And we’re receiving so much because of it. So much joy.  So much hope.

Naomi has her heart set on education for a girl in India but she would sorely love to give some chicks as well. . .. Quinn?  Well, he just wants to give money to everybody and everything.

Love that about my kids.

Generosity is learned, not taught.

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