This week was the anniversary of our leaving our home in Bundibugyo. The anniversary of the day we cried and we hugged and we trusted and we shifted and we carried memories and left so much behind. The day when our season of call to an amazing, beautiful, dangerous place ended. It’s the day we left so many seeds planted; with the belief that there are orchards growing up in the jungle which are ours and His. As I wrote that day . . . . .

“Tomorrow giraffes on the savannah will revive us with their beauty and my heart will continue it’s sing-song tension between the joy of the moment and the sadness of it all slipping away. And so many more times I will choose trust over control, faith over fear, love over longing. HE knows our hearts best. HE knows the way. And it’s not just good for others or for his bigger plan, it’s good for us too.” from CalledtoUganda

It was. And He did. He knew the way. Carrying us to this place; a place of healing and hope and renewal. A place where we have found life and love and the truest deepest desires of our hearts more apparent. A place where we have found Him. Where we have grown in our experience of His Presence, His love and His faithfulness. We have met with our God here and it’s been so good.

And God is still at work. Still healing. He is taking us back to long before Uganda ever began for us. He is healing the deepest places and the deepest things. These Hillsong lyrics speak to my heart. I used to cry each time I heard this song. Now I shout! I jump, I sing, I speak it out over the people and places I love that still need to Overcome. And I believe it. I know it is true. He will overcome and because of Him we will too. We won’t simply survive, or move on. We will Overcome.

All our troubles all our tears
God our hope, He has Overcome!
All our failures and all our fears
God our love, He has Overcome!
All our heartache and all our pain
God our healer, He has OVERCOME
All our burdens and all our shame
God all our freedom, He has OVERCOME!

I carried all of these things home from Uganda. I carried troubles and tears, failures and fears, heartaches and pain, burdens and yes, shame.

And He has Overcome. In my heart. In the world. In relationships. He, the great Overcomer, has passed that power on to us. And it changes everything.

Today our dreams live. Dreams we never knew we had. Dreams we would have been afraid of in the past.

All of life is ahead. And yet with all that glorious future in our sight we must still choose, daily, to trust.

It’s still not easy but it’s Oh. So. Good.

Remembering our leaving today. And thankful.

Overcome actually. And these tears are tears of joy.

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  1. remembering with you, and so thankful He crossed my path with yours for those 2 years! A packing fiend this week and came across the card you sent me when I came back to the US – another thanks for your encouragement of me! Much love to you all.

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